Culzean trails

The landscape at Culzean includes woodlands, coastline, gardens and built heritage features. In my final year or so working for NTS I was involved in a major project to improve the outdoor visitor experience with improved wayfinding and interpretation for the Country Park.

I advised the project team re wider landscape planning and produced an initial interpretation plan for new visitor trails. This work was then taken forward by the appointed design company Studio LR working with Leach. There are images on their site of how these trails feature in the new signage.

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I consulted with the Ranger Service and Education team to establish distinct routes that varied in difficulty, length and content. These were: Swan – a fun, family friendly walk by the pond; Dolphin – a coastal path exploring the site’s maritime stories, which include smugging in the caves, using light touch interpretation such as poetry with places to sit and appreciate key views; Monkey – a woodland experience with fun activities targeted towards families with slightly older children; and Lion – a ‘top ten’ style walk taking visitors round some of the Robert Adam architecture and significant built features.

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